Friday, July 13, 2012

The Chairman's Daughter

After years of hearing publishers tell me that football and fiction don't mix, I've released my debut football novel The Chairman's Daughter in digital form, available in the US here for a snip over $5, and in the UK here for £3.06. Unfortunately, you'll have to own a Kindle or download a Kindle app if you want to read it. You can also sample the first chapter and a half to see if you like it. Sensitive readers should beware of abrasive language.

If you take the plunge, feel free to leave constructive reviews. It's not a difficult read - this is fiction as entertainment, with adequate amounts of football, sex, politics and drinking thrown in. If you enjoyed my short story collection For Whom the Ball Rolls, this is more or less a novel written in the same spirit.   


Mark Sanderson said...

Well done, Ian. Glad you've followed up your collection of short stories. Look forward to reading this one. Seeing as I'm looking for a new club I'm sure I could do a job for Dynamo FC. Or at least their reserves, who no doubt play in the Central Midlands Combination.

Jimmy LaRoue said...

Hello Ian! Long time no chat, and I hope you're feeling better after the ER visit!

I can vouch for For Whom the Ball Rolls–great collection of short stories I thoroughly enjoyed, and I'm looking forward to stealing my wife's Kindle to download and read a copy of The Chairman's Daughter.

Stay-At-Home Indie-Pop said...

Jimmy! Nice to hear from you again - last I heard you were moving freely around various Virginian newspapers. Hope things are going well, and that you enjoy the book if you can persuade your wife to lend you her device for a noble (and extremely profane) cause.

Mark, sorry to hear you're without a club. I can recommend joining a veterans' team - at your age you'll be the young stud. In fact when I first joined my Over 35s team just before my 35th birthday, they called me The Kid. It was nice while it lasted.

Jimmy LaRoue said...

Ian! I did indeed bounce around a few papers in Virginia–going from papers in Woodstock, Waynesboro and Louisa before moving to Virginia Beach last August when my wife landed a new teaching job there (she teaches World History, though she's teaching English during summer school). I went back to school and finally got my undergraduate degree (online through the University of Massachusetts-Amherst) and I'm working part time for The Soccer Wire.

I hope life is treating you well, and I'm looking forward to reading the book once I get hold of her Kindle to download it. I think my wife can part with it for a little while. Fortunately, she liked your For Whom the Ball Rolls too, so if anything, she'll co-op the Kindle to read the new book before I do.

John Rushing said...

Hello Ian,
I will download your book. looks like a corker.
No luck so far getting my football-ish novel represented/published. what a cruel world.

I have it on a private blog, which I will share with you.

if you stop at, it puts you at ch. 31. this link gets you the intro.

best, john.

Nathan said...

Ian! We moved, and I am have been working one billion hours per week. We are going on vacation and I check in on your blog and find you have a new book. A pleasant surprise. I have downloaded the app and purchased the book. I'll let you know what I think. I hope all is well.