Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Chairman's Daughter: reviews and interviews

The alternative cover (design by Tim Bradford)
There has been a slow trickle of nice reviews for my e-novel 'The Chairman's Daughter', including two thoughtful ruminations on the book, and football fiction as a whole, at The Two Unfortunates and Twohundredpercent. One of the web's most wonderful football websites, In Bed With Maradona, gives the book a short but positive review here, writing that "this take on the game sits alongside the very best football fiction out there. A difficult genre to crack, this is a nicely paced and often hilarious read and it's fair to say, we thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish."

The football memorabilia and nostalgia website Got, Not Got went to the trouble of interviewing me after describing The Chairman's Daughter as "smart, arsey, relevant football fiction". Not quite sure what 'arsey fiction' means, but it sounds about right.

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