Wednesday, July 09, 2014

SAHIP Laid To Rest

One daughter has just left home for good, the other will soon be old enough to drive. My pseudo-identity as a stay-at-home dad, or primary care-giver (to use the technical term), is pretty much falling away, bar the shopping, the cooking and the laundry. It feels like the right time to sign off on this blog and direct you (yes, all three of you) towards a more subject-specific blog about my forthcoming book, 'Rock n Roll Soccer: The Short Life and Fast Times of the North American Soccer League', and its sister web site

For those of you with absolutely no interest in this subject, thanks for reading my sporadic ramblings since 2003 - this blog will stay online until the Great Cyber-Collapse. To the rest of you - hope to spot you soon on the underground or in the airport lounge immersed in the very best of NASL literature.
My new gig. Cover design:
Richard Green