Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Quiet Fan

To the rapture of the blogging community, The
 Quiet Fan joins the SAHIP international network 
I've added another new blog to this network, The Quiet Fan, which is not only aimed at raising funds to have my next book of the same name published by Unbound, but also to open a discourse on the way we watch sport.

The Quiet Fan is partly a memoir about watching Lincoln City, Rangers FC and Scotland in the 70s and 80s, and part philosophical musing on the way that supporters relate to the game and what really constitutes the 'importance' of football. The blog will feature exclusive content not in the book and will become a football-oriented version of Stay-At-Home Indie-Pop, even if the book fails to reach its funding goal. Read an excerpt and a more extensive summary here, and then pledge to buy a limited edition hardback copy.
Update on the other blogs - Referee Tales is updated weekly and boasts healthy readership numbers, especially when the headlines imply some sort of bother, aggro or violence. World Cup Human Rights has again proven too time-consuming to update regularly, and may well be merged with the The Quiet Fan at some point soon. True, that didn't work out well when Whizzer and Chips merged with Krazy comic in 1978 (cartoon characters were cruelly erased from the drawing boards and never heard of again), but I have the benefit of that experience to turn this upheaval into a smoother transition.  

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