Thursday, June 28, 2007

An Easy Way To Bring About World Peace

Ever since the anti-war rally to the Pentagon car park on a nut-freezing Saturday back in March, I’ve been haunted by two things. First, the looks of unbridled contempt and hatred from the pro-war counter-protesters. Second, by one of their signs, which read, “Fight them over there, not over here.”

I’ve got a better idea. If the legions of thick-necked, peacenik-hating, patriotic, steely-eyed hardmen are gung-ho enough about this war to show up and heckle as traitors those of us who are against it, why not let them just fight it? Over here, in America. What are they scared of?

Here’s how we could bring it on.

The hinterland rednecks have more in common with al Qaeda than they think. They’re both deeply conservative, and they both love killing people they disagree with, usually in the name of a non-existent God they believe will reward them for their combative endeavors. So jet all those jihad-loving enthusiasts professing to want to kill Americans over here (presuming they can resist the impulse to hijack the plane), and let them slug it out with those pro-war Americans so quick to back the “war on terror”, but not so keen they’re actually over in the Middle East to prosecute it.

There’s a huge open space at Gettysburg ready for the showdown. Simply arm both sides to the teeth, place them at opposite ends of the battlefield, blow a whistle and let the hand-to-hand killing commence. The alluring sight of fat, leather-clad bikers roaring towards their robe-wearing counterparts-in-hate could be broadcast with commentary from retired generals on the ESPN Xtreme Sports Channel (“Gettysburg 2 – yet again, the war to end them all!”). Sign up sponsors too. “This portion of the slaughter is brought to you by the National Rifle Association,” would make so much sense, not to mention cash.

The battle continues until one side has killed every one of its opponents. There’s no surrender, because that’s peacenik talk. The winners are handed a placard that reads, “Congratulations, you have won the Holy War!” They will be allowed to retire to the Aleutian Islands on a no-exit visa.

Final result: Peace. There will be no more pro-war rednecks, and no more pro-jihad terrorists. No more calls from South Dakota to back a war that’s thousands of miles away, and no more self-destructing scum left to blow themselves up in a crowded market. As all the self-declared warriors of God think they’re off to their respective heavens anyway, they’ll be happy to die as well. Everyone’s a winner.

This prototype combat scenario can be used in all arenas where two parties believe the best way forward is through violence. With reactionary pro-war philosophies nullified, the path for progressive thought is cleared at last, and the human race gets to continue evolving after all.

This Solution for World Peace is brought to you by an unread blog. You’re most welcome.


Any major dude with half a heart said...

Good idea, but in its elements not as new as you may think it is. My dear grandma used to say that the solution to world peace would be to put opposing pols into a boxing ring etc (I'll admit that she was not the most original of thinkers). I do like your idea of extending the concept. But why should the jihadists come to the USA? Why not transport all those pro-war rednecks to the playground that already exists in Afghanistan?

Stay-At-Home Indie-Pop said...

Easier to sell the TV rights. And if they're going straight at each other on a level battlefield there's no advantage in knowing the terrain of the local mountains, caves, rivers and the like. Although as long as no one else gets hurt, either way's fine by me. I disagree with your gran, by the way - it's not just the pols responsible, it's the people who vote them in on a pro-war platform.

justsomethoughts... said...


hear hear!

you, sir, are a funny man indeed. but with good ideas.
i say you run for public office.